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Use dogtag to register for CHIditarod. Create an account, signup for the race, complete all of the requirements, receive confirmation emails, prepare thyself, mush!

Teams that fully complete their registration will be considered official racers. Teams that do not fully complete their registration and receive confirmation via the web and email are not allowed to race. Ensure you complete all basics, details, payments and add the correct number of racers. Once registered, you have until the close of registration to login and update and/or change this information.

Once all spots are filled, any remaining incomplete teams are automatically put onto the waitlist. First come, first served. Teams on the waitlist will be contacted at the close of race registration to determine if there is an open spot or not.

Racer Management

You will need to sign up all 5 racers to complete your team. If you do not have all 5 racers yet, please write unknown into the fields of your missing racers. If you have to take a racer out and put a new racer in you just login and make the change. Please do so BEFORE registration closes, and make it accurate. We use all the email addresses to send important race information, and we will use text messaging on the day-of for any critical details.

System Requirements

Please use Chrome or Firefox, and you must have JavaScript enabled.


Also be aware that Heroku (the service that hosts dogtag) sends emails slowly, so it may take up to 10 minutes to receive confirmation or password reset emails. We are working with them to make this faster.


We think we've ironed out any kinks from last year, but please help report bugs if you encounter any and we'll get right on them.

Swag Store

All products are for Pickup Only on race day. No shipping is available. Buying these products is completely optional and unrelated to completing your team registration.

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